Mosaics and Natural Stones

Mosavit Mosaico

Mosavit Mosaico manufactures 100% recycled glass mosaic made in Spain. The company pioneers in  digitally printed glass mosaic, offering wood, marble and graphic design finishes, whilst maintaining the characteristics of glass. It has also developed and patented Fosvit,  a luminescent mosaic used to create beautiful and original pool designs.

Mosavit offers more than 500 references in 2.5×2.5 cm glass mosaics with different finishes, colors and textures that allow for unique creations. Its MIKROS collection-mini mosaics of 1,2×1,2 cms is ideal for their size, allowing all kinds of designs to be made.

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Recycled Glass Mosaic, 31.6×31.6cm,2.5×2.5cm format

Iridis Fosvit

Luminescent recycled glass mosaic


Recycled Glass Mosaic, 31.6×31.6cm,2.5×2.5cm format

Pietra Bali

Natural Stone, 20x20cm