Active Surfaces

Active / Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

ACTIVE surfaces have created ceramics which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, fulfill the need for well-being and safety. Active surfaces ceramics are the only ISO certified and internationally patented photocatalytic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-pollution ceramics in the world, successfully used around the world over the last 10 years. ACTIVE SURFACES products are high quality ceramic porcelain for floors and walls, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and for cladding rooms and furnishings in personal care or food preparation and consumption settings like kitchen tops, tables, and counters.

Active Surfaces are developed by the Iris Ceramica Group style centre to suit any mood, from traditional to contemporary. The four collections: PIETRA DI BASALTO ACTIVE / URBAN ACTIVE / MARBLE ACTIVE / UNI ACTIVE collection offer a range of colours and surfaces, formats and thicknesses to choose from. Specific solutions can also be developed for set batch sizes.

4 Actions for your safety

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Active surfaces

Destroy bacteria and viruses and stop biofil formation

Bacteria and viruses have a short life on an ACTIVE high-performing ceramic surface. Using (natural or artificial, even LED) light and the humidity naturally present in the air, ACTIVE Surfaces eliminate 99.99% of bacteria that settle on them, from the most common to the antibiotic-resistant ones. It is also demonstrated that ACTIVE Surfaces eliminate particularly contagious viruses: tests performed on the H1N1 and H3N2 Pandemic Influenzas, Enterovirus 71 and the Poliovirus have confirmed an efficacy of over 99%. Active Surfaces have obtained the following ISO Certificates (Antiviral activity ISO 21702 – ISO 18061) and (Antibacterial activity ISO 27447 – ISO 22196).

In addition to these research-studies Active Surfaces have achieved a ground-breaking milestone in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). According to data, Active Surfaces are able to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (natural light and traditional light bulbs).

Active surfaces

Fight Pollution

The air is cleaner wherever ACTIVE is installed: ACTIVE surfaces transform polluting molecules (e.g. nitrogen oxides or VOCs, volatile organic compounds) that may be present both inside and outside the building into harmless substances.

Active surfaces

Eliminate bad odours

In an environment tiled with ACTIVE SURFACES there is no room for bad odours: thanks to their photocatalytic properties, ACTIVE surfaces eliminate the molecules that cause unpleasant smells.


Active surfaces

Fight Dirt

On an ACTIVE surface, dirt adheres less. Consequently, it is even easier to clean, without the need for expensive and aggressive detergents that are potentially harmful for people and the environment. ACTIVE surfaces can be used on the external façades of buildings, where the action of rainfall is sufficient to keep them clean, eliminating maintenance costs.


A unique technology

ACTIVE SURFACES use a patented technology developed in collaboration with the Chemistry Department of the University of Milan, with ISO-certified effectiveness. The unique action of titanium dioxide and silver creates an active photocatalytic surface even under LED lights, and with antibacterial and anti-viral properties even in the dark. Furthermore, for the safety of those who work with it, ACTIVE SURFACES use larger titanium dioxide particles (micrometer rather than nanometer). A 100% Italian scientific innovation.

Active Surfaces are green to the core

ACTIVE ceramic porcelain surfaces are 100% recyclable. Most of them are made with over 40% of recycled materials, in accordance with LEED requirements. Laboratory tests show that 1 sq.m of ACTIVE surface takes only 2 years to offset the nitrogen oxide emissions arising from its production, unlike conventional inert construction materials. Furthermore, ACTIVE surfaces are produced in zero-emission factories.